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Prospects for the development of the cartoon industry

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The cartoon industry has the characteristics and advantages of low energy consumption, low pollution, high industrial value and multiple employment opportunities. Known as the sunrise industry in the 21st century, in recent years, with the development of the market situation, the cartoon industry is more and more widely concerned by the state and society. In the face of the attractive market prospects of the cartoon industry, the state has introduced more support policies, selection reward policies, income tax reduction policies, etc., to continuously increase the investment in the cartoon industry. After a period of development, the salary of the comic book industry has gradually increased, and the professional talents are still in short supply.日本動漫

Everyone is concerned about the income of the cartoon industry. In the cartoon industry, the salary of more than 10,000 people is very common, according to the latest job market top ten popularity list released by the Chinese Talent Network, animation, game designers become the largest demand for jobs, however, the most recent popularity of the cartoon industry, the average monthly salary has exceeded 5,000 yuan, monthly salary of more than 10,000 yuan is a very common phenomenon, senior talent is "delicious "The highest annual salary can be up to 300,000.日本教育

The growth of China's cartoon industry has now reached the level of huge development space and huge talent gap. At present, due to the large development space of the post, most of the talents who entered the cartoon profession first have become gold collars. A survey shows that due to the huge talent gap in the industry, many high salary positions, such as the director of comics, have an annual salary of 300,000 yuan or more, but there is still a price without "goods". It is easy to see that the speed of cartoon professional talent training is far from meeting the rapid development of the animation industry, it is expected that in the next 3-5 years, China's cartoon professional talent gap is still in 600,000-800,000, which is one of the reasons why the animation industry is "hot".jump漫畫

Although in recent years there are many colleges and universities in the country to open cartoon-related industries, however, the demand of enterprises for cartoon talents is still difficult to be met. Industry insiders say that the fundamental reason for this contradiction is the disconnect between education and industry. Fresh graduates from colleges and universities tend to have strong theoretical knowledge and poor hands-on ability, while enterprises need talents with real strength.童年回憶

Therefore, there are often many college students to professional training institutions "back to recycle", because the professional training school training out of the talent is mainly about "practical", the major companies need is "practical "type of talent. At present, China's cartoon industry has more than a thousand enterprises, employing about 260,000 people, however, the phenomenon of the lack of core talent has never been improved, according to data show that the shortage of cartoon talent has now reached 800,000 people or more, the shortage of cartoon talent has reached the extent that employees are free to choose the company. Some experts pointed out that "the cartoon profession is one of the hottest professions, if the majority of seekers can choose a big brand, strong faculty animation professional training school, professional and systematic learning, then their career will be a road to success full of flowers and applause!"

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